Considering the short amount of time Doukyuusei fills, it is almost unbelievable how much of an impact it had on me. Following the blossoming love between Kusakabe and Sajou, we are taken through some of the more common problems a relationship might have including jealousy and distance, without letting the story go down an overused... Continue Reading →


The problem with Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden was set to be the show of the season before the first episode even aired, but most things that are hyped to ridiculous expectations fall short and this, unfortunately, was no exception, however I couldn't quite figure out what was souring the show for me. The general consensus on Twitter is that the... Continue Reading →

Akuma No Riddle

Today I will be going over the events that unfolded in Akuma no Riddle or Riddle Story of Devil as it is called in English. I know there's been a bit of discourse over people using the Japanese name for anime but the English translation doesn't actually make sense grammatically and typing it out really... Continue Reading →

Fall anime: The review

I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet because I watched a lot of shows this season and if I tried to type up all my opinions for every show I watched, the new year would come in before I publish this post! So in order from best to worst we start with...... Continue Reading →

Fall anime 2017: first look part 2

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Meet Morioka Moriko (left), a corporate drop out and self proclaimed 'Elite NEET' who at the age of thirty clearly doesn't have life figured out too well. And on the right we also have Morioka Moriko but this time the MMO version who is the exact same, obviously, except male... Continue Reading →

Fall anime 2017: first look

Love Live Sunshine second season If you thought the second season would be different to any previous season of Love Live then you would be mistaken. Following on from the plot of season one and set with the task of saving the school (again), our school idol wannabes are back at it with their unrivalled... Continue Reading →


*warning spoiler alert If I had to give Kakegurui an award for something, it would definitely receive the title of ‘most disappointing anime of the season’. It was probably the show I was most looking forward to watching through the summer and after the first episode it was fair to say that I had good... Continue Reading →

Summer anime 2017: first look

Kakegurui I'll start off with the show I thought was best (so far) and that is Kakegurui. Currently there are two episodes for the show which centres around a high school with an extreme attitude to gambling. It is tradition for the students of Hyakkaou Academy to gamble during lunch breaks and after school, placing... Continue Reading →

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