Day 5: An anime you’re ashamed you enjoy

If you want fan service you’ll get it in bucket loads in this 12 episode series. Keijo!!!!!!!! aired on Crunchyroll from early October to late December last year. It is a sports anime about a group of girls at Setouchi training school battling it out to become a pro keijo player. But what is Keijo I hear you ask. Good question!

It is basically a water sport where the aim is to knock you opponents off a piece of floating land and into the water (alternatively if you knock them down that can also count as a win), for this they can only use…wait for it…their boobs and their bums.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 14.59.10

And if that idea wasn’t crazy enough, some of the students even developed special abilities which they could use during their matches. A few examples of this include ‘vacuum butt cannon’, ‘raging dragon breast’ and ‘Cerberus’. Most of the abilities are pretty self explanatory but Cerberus is a move I want to talk about a bit more, purely because I really wasn’t expecting anything like it to happen.

In Greek mythology Cerberus is a multi headed dog that guarded the underworld and although I knew this before watching I did not think that I would be watching a high school student’s bum turn into a canine’s face which was able to track and chase down the opponents. The move was learnt by Kotone Fujisaki, it debuted in episode 5 and also appeared in episode 9. There are also other versions of this attack such as ‘Full-power Cerberus’ and ‘True Cerberus’ in which True Cerberus is the only variation to use the full three heads of the creature as opposed to the original move which only used one head.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 15.25.07.png

“Know not thy rump, never shalt thou triumph”

Lets talk a bit about some more ridiculous aspects of this show and bring it back to before the students were competing in matches, here we saw some pretty intense workout regimes, in the second episode when training begins we see the students complete various tasks to tone and train their weapons. The training included butt figure eights, 100m butt walks and butt-punching (this is hitting a dummy with your butt, not to be confused for players getting their asses hit). And yes, every single task is as amusing as you would think.

And would it really be a sports anime if there wasn’t some major face off? Que the east-west tournament. The east-west tournament is between Setouchi and Suruga Keijo training school. They hold the tournament yearly but Suruga has won every single time for the past ten (I think, don’t quote me on that) years. There are three matches, each one has four students from each school face against each other and the first school to win two matches is victorious. But I won’t spoil how it ends, don’t worry!

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 16.44.15

Although the idea of Keijo!!!!!!!! was a completely ridiculous and tailored concept I can’t really complain about the series, it was really fun to watch. I mean of course the animation was a tad shaky in places but to be fair there was a lot going on so I can’t expect it to be perfect and it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the show at all. I would definitely recommend watching this show if you want a good laugh or something easy to watch.


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