Day 7: Your anime crush


This was probably the hardest one to decide on for the 30 day anime challenge. To be fair most of the shows I watch centre around characters of a high school sort of age and it felt wrong to pick any of them. Looking a bit further I remembered watching Psycho-pass and I wouldn’t say that I had a crush on any of the characters but Shinya Kogami was definitely one that caught my attention.

As a former inspector and a current enforcer for the Public Safety Bureau (for season one at least), Kogami is generally a cool headed and quick witted character, except for when it comes to Makishima (the villain of the first season).

This is because of a case that was later nicknamed ‘The Specimen Case’ and learning about this case reveals a lot about Kogami’s past. He was demoted from his position as an inspector, as while he was investigating a case, an enforcer that worked under him was killed by someone they were tracking down, it is revealed that this is Makishima. After this Kogami became invested in the case instead of having therapy which caused his crime coefficient to increase severely causing him to be demoted to enforcer.

PSYCHO-PASS - 01 - Large 07

So it looks like a smart, mysterious badass is my type…sure I’ll roll with that.


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