Day 8: Favourite anime couple

Space Patrol Luluco is a short series of 13 episodes with each being 7 minutes each, I will note here that it was created by Studio Trigger who are also famous for Kill la Kill, which I have previously talked about. Space Patrol Luluco is similar to KLK in the way that it is flashy and strange but with a very different message and a very different look in terms of colour scheme. But I am not here to talk about the animation or anything like that because we are here to talk about one of the cutest things I think I will ever see in an anime; the relationship between Luluco and Nova.

 I’ll give a bit of backstory to the couple starting with Luluco. Luluco is an innocent middle school student who just wants to live a normal life, which obviously doesn’t happen because this is anime after all. She ends up accidentally freezing her dad and is assigned the roll of Space Officer in her fathers place to earn the money to help get him back to normal.

Nova is also a Space Officer and a transfer student at Luluco’s school. Later in the series it is revealed that he is actually an alien who is unable to feel human emotions and is set with the job to steal Luluco’s heart (not in a romantic way) and break it. However, when Luluco declares her love for him in episode 12 it awakens his feelings and a mutual love is born.

They are using the classic plot message of ‘love conquers all’ and it really works with these characters. You don’t get to see much of them as a couple as they become one so late in the series but what you do see is sweet and so pure.

All together the series is only an hour and a half long, if you love Trigger’s work you will love this one and if you’re not a fan you might as well try it, you won’t be wasting much time if you don’t like it.


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