Day 9: Best anime villain

Once again I’m going to take you back to the exciting world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as I talk about who I think is the best anime villain. Each part has some brilliantly created villains but the character I am going to rank above them all is Kira from part 4. I know this is probably questionable to some Jojo fans as in this one franchise alone there are a couple of other strong contenders for this title such as Dio who’s entire existence is to destroy the Joestar bloodline for no real reason apart from the fact that one of them kicked his arse a few decades ago because he got power hungry.

Although his character was brilliant and he fit the role of a villain perfectly, Kira appealed to me more due to the fact that he wasn’t even really aware that he was a villain, he just wanted to be himself happy and live a normal life despite everything he does going completely against that.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.44.49

Meet Yoshikage Kira, a serial killer with a hand fetish who has kept himself hidden in Morioh for years. He murders women regardless of appearance but there is one similarity with all of them; their beautiful hands which, once severed from the body, Kira keeps as ‘girlfriends’  until they start to decay and at this point they are then switched out with another. Apart from this Kira generally lives a quiet and peaceful life, set out with a perfect routine. This is until Shigechi (Jotaro’s friend, sort of) accidentally mistakes Kira’s lunch bag for his own and takes it. And unfortunately for Shigechi, this bag has a severed hand belonging to one of Kira’s victims. When this is found out, Kira sets out with murderous intent to dispose of Shigechi as his identity has been discovered for the first time.

So basically he was discovered because of a sandwich and it all went downhill from there.


That aside, Kira is presented as very intelligent and composed. He has great confidence in his stand. It could be said that he has too much confidence in it but to be fair it has served him well until now. His stand throughout the season is revealed to be composed of three parts

  • Killer Queen: can turn anything it touches into a bomb
  • Sheer heart attack: a bomb that detaches from Killer Queen, it tracks it’s target based on the temperature and upon touching the target, it explodes
  • Bites the dust: a miniature version of Killer Queen that explodes whenever Kira’s true identity is revealed or in desperate situations, the explosion also winds time back one hour but people who are killed in the previous time are destined to die in the new timeline (appeared in episode 35)

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.51.51

Kira has said that he does not want to get involved in fighting for the sake of winning or losing and only fights when he has to. That being said he does get quite desperate in fights when it looks like he is going to lose them.


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