Day 10: Favourite fighter/action anime

I was looking at other posts about the best action animes before drafting this post and they all seem to include titles such as Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tale, Ginatma, etc. There’s a lot of big names against this genre of anime (not that I’ve actually watched any of the shows I just named) but I actually want to talk about a show that didn’t air until last year with its second season currently streaming on Crunchyroll. I want to talk about My Hero Academia.

I have briefly mentioned MHA before when reviewing episode 20 but for those of you who didnt read it, the story follows Izuku Midoria on his journey to become the greatest superhero despite the fact that he is part of 20% of the population that was not born with a superpower/quirk. I don’t really want to ramble about the general plot of the story so I’m going to quickly talk about the top 3 fights starting with…

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 14.45.19

Izuku Midoriya vs Katsuki Bakugo (Episode 7)

Midoriya and Bakugo are put against each other in a class mock battle of good vs evil (the end goal is for the good team to get the rocket or the bad team to capture the good team in a certain time frame). There’s a bit of history between the two which greatly influences how the fight goes. They used to be friends until Bakugo gained a very powerful quirk and realised that Midoriya had not, this led to him bullying Izuku for the next ten years or so. However, when he discovered that Izuku had developed a quirk, he felt betrayed by his former friend as he thought he had kept it from him this whole time, even though this was not the case.

This leaves Bakugo to act heavily on his emotions in this battle as, lets face it, he’s not one to talk about his feelings. Greatly contrasting to this, Midoriya relies on thought and due to knowing Bakugo for a while he had even thought out what moves Bakugo would chose and ways to combat them which seemed to place him at an advantage. However, we know Izuku is still unable to use his quirk as his body can’t handle the impact of it yet and renders his arm unusable when attempted. This only angers Bakugo more as he thinks he is being underestimated to someone he once though was very much inferior to him.

Realising that without being able to use ‘One For All’ properly that he won’t be able to beat Bakugo in a battle of strength, Izuku decides to turn to his tactics once again and plans to strike his fist at the ceiling so Ochako can use her quirk to get to the rocket. This works in the good team’s favour but Bakugo was left with the anger he started with, and a fail on the task.

Katsuki Bakugo vs Ochako Ururaka (Episode 22)

It was set to be explosive from the start seeing as Bakugo’s power is that of explosion. He was up against Ochako Ururaka, a sweet yet determined girl who looked like she didn’t stand much of a chance with her quirk of zero gravity.

Despite the disadvantage in direct combat ability, Ochako headed straight in with a swift attack which was violently batted back by Bakugo. This was repeated many times and it started to look like Bakugo was just toying with her but Ochako is not as helpless as she looks and when the frame panned up it was clear she had been scheming this whole time. I won’t say too much about the rest of this fight as it was only aired a couple of weeks ago and I want to keep this post relatively spoiler free in regards to the second season but I will say that her plan was well thought out but sometimes there’s just not a lot you can do when you’re facing sheer power.

Izuku Midoriya vs Shoto Todoroki (Episode 23)

Throughout the first season of MHA Izuku was portrayed as a very timid boy and this even continued into the current season a little but it looks like he is starting to find his feet. Up against Shoto Todoroki, son of one of the greatest heroes, it’s no surprise that he is strong, especially with his quirk of controlling fire and ice. Sadly he does have some daddy issues meaning that he rejected his fathers side of himself (the fire side) and vowed to never use it in battle.

That is, until this fight.

Both of them gave it their all but it was clear that after some time they were both at their limit. Midoriya has broken pretty much all his fingers and Todoroki’s body was freezing over as he refused to use his fire side to combat the damage his own power was creating. Midoriya at this point decided that it was more important to save Todoroki than win the fight (not that he was giving up the fight at all) and after a bit of a heart to heart, Shoto came to the realisation that although he inherited the quirk, it was his quirk, not his fathers and he was finally able to accept himself.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 16.11.34

Honestly, what followed after that was an animated masterpiece but I won’t say how this one ended seeing as it was only shown last week and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. But I would recommend this show to anyone, it’s a 10/10 for me!


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