Summer anime 2017: first look


I’ll start off with the show I thought was best (so far) and that is Kakegurui. Currently there are two episodes for the show which centres around a high school with an extreme attitude to gambling. It is tradition for the students of Hyakkaou Academy to gamble during lunch breaks and after school, placing large sums of money on their bets and becoming class ‘pets’ if they are unable to fulfil the amount.

I was hooked on the first episode which introduced us to Yumeko Jabami, the new student who is set to turn the school upside down. She is so passionate that she comes across as crazy but she is also sly, intelligent and calculating AND they didn’t chose to make here cute 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute girl as much as the next person but honestly, I am getting quite sick of shows that keep them permanently cute. The facial expressions that were animated for the gambling scenes are raw and undisguised and are a major plus point for the show in all honesty.

It is pretty obvious where the show is going to take itself, my only hope for the series is that they don’t make it too repetitive or go too over the top with the schemes of the student council but I’m almost certain I will watch this show until the end.

Koi to uso (love and lies)

Koi to uso or love and lies has introduced us to Yukari Nejima and Misake Takazaki, who live in a society where at age sixteen you are assigned a marriage partner by the government based on a compatibility calculation. There are punishments if you go against the official ruling. However, Yukari admits to Misake that he is in love with her on his sixteenth birthday but is then assigned to be married to someone else.

I loved the concept behind this show but I felt like the show fell short, actually it fell very short of my expectations. The pacing was terrible, everything seemed rushed and nothing was looked at in any sort of detail making the episode seem almost like a draft rather than a final piece. It might just be that they have a lot of content for this season and wanted to get the basic summary of it all into one episode but at the moment I can’t say I’m a fan of the show.

Also I feel that I should mention that the reason behind Yukari’s feelings is literally just because a girl said thank you to him for letting her have half of his eraser and… I honestly can’t believe he had a five year crush over two words.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 21.10.48

Netsuzuo Trap

If I had to pick two words to sum up this show it would be awkward and generic. I feel like a lot of yuri manga/anime follows this sort of pattern (not that I’ve looked at much of it). The story looks to be following childhood friends Yuma and Hotaru who are getting it on despite both having boyfriends, this is lead by Hotaru who said that after stealing Yuma’s first kiss before her boyfriend, that she was looking to take all her other ‘firsts’ too. Honestly, Yuma is possibly one of the weakest female characters I’ve seen in a long time.

Convenience Store Boy Friends

This is another show about nothing but surprisingly I liked it. There is not a great deal to say about it but it is nicely paced with each episode being a different month which seems like a nice way to pass the time instead of using fillers or sudden large jumps.

I know the title might be a bit misleading but so far there is no BL content, it’s just teenagers meeting up at their local convenience store after school, but it does look as if the show is going to set the characters into pairs. Whether they will all be romantic is something we will need to wait and see.


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