Fall anime 2017: first look

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.24.01

Love Live Sunshine second season

If you thought the second season would be different to any previous season of Love Live then you would be mistaken. Following on from the plot of season one and set with the task of saving the school (again), our school idol wannabes are back at it with their unrivalled positivity that has absolutely no foundation and the innocence of believing that they have even the slightest chance at turning it all around. And even though it seems impossible, I’m rooting for them!

But obviously it’s Love Live so our girls do stand a fighting chance and this episode seemed to set up for a strong start with all the girls ready to accept the challenges that lie ahead after receiving the heartbreaking news that their school would stop accepting applicants in the next school year.

I don’t have too much to say about it at the moment as the show was pretty straight forward but I do want to mention the animation quality as it has greatly improved from the first season. Someone on a forum post said it rivalled Kyoani’s animation and although I would definitely not go that far I would say that the frames are a lot more detailed than before and overall the show is really visually pleasing.

Land of the Lustrous

Speaking of ‘visually pleasing’ anime lets talk about Land of the Lustrous. I had seen a few screenshots here and there and thought it looked good but I was so drawn in by the CGI and character designs when I watched it that I forgot to pay attention to the story and had to watch it a second time.

The anime follows a group of crystalline life forms with the main focus being on the character of Phos who is considered useless by their peers due to their clumsy nature and lack of hardness which makes them easily breakable and not suited for the more active roles such as battling the lunarians who threaten their way of life (which of course is something she wants to do). With the nature of Phos’ character I’m sure the storyline will be interesting and I’m very eager to see how it goes, but if nothing else I’m almost certain it will continue to wow me with the design.

Love is like a cocktail 

Now to move on to my easy watch show of the season. For only 3 minutes (aprox) each week I can indulge in a short about two of my favourite things: love and cocktails. Add in a very relatable MC and this is definitely a show I can get into. Honestly, this isn’t anything special but it’s fun and enjoyable and something that requires almost no attention so I’ll definitely watch until the end of the season.

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