*warning spoiler alert

If I had to give Kakegurui an award for something, it would definitely receive the title of ‘most disappointing anime of the season’. It was probably the show I was most looking forward to watching through the summer and after the first episode it was fair to say that I had good expectations for it. It was obvious that we were going to follow Yumeko battling her way through the student council rankings and although this was a predictable plot to use it could have been really effective and could have been used to build up to a really dramatic finale against the student council president.


However, the first half of the series where Yumkeo was facing the lower ranked members of the council only really left the viewer with one though which was ‘okay so which way is the council going to cheat this time?’ because that is all it was. Don’t get me wrong, there were some dramatic moments and I really was a fan of the close ups they did of the gamblers while they were playing but the story could have and should have been done better.


Let us not forget Midari Ikishima who we are introduced to about half way through the series. Not that we can forget the many times she pretty much orgasmed over gambling for her life, that was interesting to say the least…and by interesting, I mean crazy. She was crazy. She was also a total waste of time because her character completely disappeared after their match.

I will skip going into much detail about the match with the idol, which lets face it, was only there for a bit of fan service but the gamble against the treasurer which followed it did start off with some promise. He was quick witted and calculating and was not relying on cheating but instead on his money. However, it became ridiculous and both sides ended up gambling not only all of their money but also their lives in what seemed like a last ditch attempt for the show to make an impact. But with only one episode left after this and a match against the student council president which was obviously going to happen, it was obvious which way it would swing.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 19.45.56

And then here we were, ready for a dramatic and gripping finale with the gamble we had all been waiting for: Yumeko vs the student council president. And we are still waiting because it never showed and what we were left with was an episode that basically nulled out all those before it because they decided to end it in a draw. A DRAW?! I don’t know if thats how the story went in the manga or if they’re leaving it open for the possibility of a second season but we deserved better than a draw and, if anything it has put me entirely off of watching another season of the show should it arise.

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