Fall anime 2017: first look part 2

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Meet Morioka Moriko (left), a corporate drop out and self proclaimed ‘Elite NEET’ who at the age of thirty clearly doesn’t have life figured out too well. And on the right we also have Morioka Moriko but this time the MMO version who is the exact same, obviously, except male and the with the added ability to spam the cry emote.

I didn’t expect much from this show but it is a whole lot of fun. The characters are cute, the plot so far is charming and the comedy the show is using definitely works in their favour. This is a show with a lot of relatable content and some brilliant character reactions which make it that more entertaining to watch. It won’t be the best show this season by far but if it follows suit from the first episode then I an easily watch it until the end.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 20.40.57

Black Clover

The first anime casualty of this season has already arrived and it’s none other than Black Clover. An adaptation of a manga under the same name, Black Clover was one of my top shows to watch before the season started due to the attention it was receiving on social media and honestly my problem with it doesn’t lie with the plot or design but with the irritating and whiny voice of the protagonist. I thought I could maybe get through it if the season was 12 episodes and if the other parts of the show were spectacular I could have possibly made it to 24 but today, in fact while I was writing out this review I found out there are going to be 51 episodes and I’m afraid that is just too much to deal with.

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