Fall anime 2017: first look part 3

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.27.42

Food Wars third season

It may only be the first episode of the new season but if you think that’s going to stop Yukihira Soma from causing a stir then you would be very much mistaken. Not even five minutes into it and he has already challenged every single member of the Elite Ten, much to the other characters surprise but not to mine as if you think he wouldn’t pull a stunt like that then I don’t think you paid much attention to either of the previous seasons.

This episode was pretty quick paced once it got going and we are already looking at the start of a showdown as soon as the next episode. I’m expecting good things from this season.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 16.10.35

Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World

The first episode of Kino’s Journey was really soothing and a pleasure to watch. The tone was set with a beautiful conversation between Hermes and Kino at the start of the episode which to be fair was more of a monologue from Kino. However, as someone who has never looked into the original anime series or the light novels I was not aware that Hermes was a motorbike and therefore was very confused until I put two and two together and managed to figure it out (I’m not going to say how long it took though, it’s a bit embarrassing).

Putting my stupidity to one side though there is nothing particularly outstanding about the anime, although I will say that the music they used complimented the scenes and there were some really well detailed shots so when you put together all of the show’s components it’s quite easy to get swept up into it’s pace, and I did. It wasn’t until I started writing this review that I started to pick it apart.

I’m definitely interested to see where the series takes us.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

I am going to say it right here and now that I really like this show, I know, I know, I’ve only watched the first episode and should probably wait a bit before coming to any sort of major opinion on it but honestly I really enjoyed it.

The scenes are delicate and seem pretty soft and lighthearted but with quite… I was going to say serious undertones but I upon second thought I think they are actually more meaningful than serious. Another point I want to make is that the characters personalities compliment each other really well. We are following the story of Chise, a docile character who sold herself in an auction to leave her life behind and find a place to call home and as the kind hearted Elias was the winning bidder, we are following his as well. I imagine their stories will intertwine greatly and I will continue to watch, the one thing I want from this (and I’m sure it will happen) is that Chise can call her new house a home and be happy there, she deserves it!

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