Akuma No Riddle

Today I will be going over the events that unfolded in Akuma no Riddle or Riddle Story of Devil as it is called in English. I know there’s been a bit of discourse over people using the Japanese name for anime but the English translation doesn’t actually make sense grammatically and typing it out really bugged me so…

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If I had to sum up Akuma no Riddle I would probably call it an edgier version of Assassination Classroom, minus the alien teacher with tentacles but with extra girls. Now that I think about it, the character tropes used in both shows are very similar.

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Our main assassin Tokaku mirrors AC’s Nagissa right down to the hair colour, as well as this she also carries the traits of  sympathising with the target and the emotionless way she talks about completing assasinations, even though neither have actually killed anyone prior to being given their targets. But before I go completely off topic and make this into a comparison post, lets talk about the other characters.

Kyoko Sakura what are you doing in this anime???

It’s safe to say that this show had all the standard tropes, we had a masochist, a loli, your standard prince(ess) charming, a character with a split personality, etc, basically everything except a character that had a happy childhood because damn they were all miserable as can be. And for each character came a different ED based on the focal character for said episode…not that you’ll know the episode set up if you haven’t watched it, so I’ll give a brief explanation.

Each episode had one of the 12 assassins (although Tokaku isn’t included in this, so one of the 11 remaining assassins) attempt to take out the target, Haru Ichinose, their fellow classmate. It was very rare for an assassination attempt to fill more than an episode so at the end of each one the character who made the attempt had the ED based around them, with the visuals and song changing each time. Not that it’s particularly important but my favourite EDs were Tokaku’s (ED 1) and Haruki’s (ED 5 ).

I really liked this layout for the episodes, it meant the battles didn’t drag out and there wasn’t any room for them to waste time. And without any major explanations needed for what was going on, it was easy to understand and worked really well.

I have avoided spoilers up until now but I cannot avoid them for this point so if you want to avoid spoilers please stop reading here!! 

Personally, I feel the show ended a little too nicely. Throughout the show there were many cases where the assassins should have been left seriously injured or dead, in episode 6 one of them literally drank a bottle of poison after stabbing another through the chest but in the final episode they did small parts for each character to show what they had done since leaving the school and not one of them had any realistic damage from it. Yes, the girl who drank poison was in hospital waiting to be rehabilitated but she drank the amount that was going to be used to kill the target so surely it would make sense that she…you know…died? Sorry is that too ridiculous?

As well as this they did not include Tokaka’s and Haru’s future plans in the ending roundup which was a little strange as these two were the characters we had been following for the story but I guess it was one of those ‘leave it to the imagination’ things but after the ridiculous confrontation between the two in the last couple of episodes maybe that was for the best

Regardless I can’t say I didn’t enjoy watching this show for the most part so Akuma no Riddle receives a 6/10.

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