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Considering the short amount of time Doukyuusei fills, it is almost unbelievable how much of an impact it had on me. Following the blossoming love between Kusakabe and Sajou, we are taken through some of the more common problems a relationship might have including jealousy and distance, without letting the story go down an overused plot route. Even though it was short the content didn’t feel rushed, I was very surprised to see that by the time the pair had their first kiss we were only about 7 minutes into the film, it felt like a lot longer (but in a good way)!

As well as its great pacing, I felt that there were no loose ends or parts that needed expanding on because it was explored enough that we could get a grasp on the situation but without any excess and useless information. I would also like to say that I’m very thankful that they did not let the teacher/student kiss happen as this could have easily taken the anime down a boring, overused route, plus I really liked the main pairing so to have something like that taint their relationship would have been beyond irritating.

As for what else I liked lets start with the watercolour aesthetic, I have not previously seen anything animated with this particular style and to see it put against a story like this was a great use of the art style as both the art and the story were soft and gentle making them a perfect match! As well as this, the film is based off a manga under the same name so using some shots that were styled as manga paneling was a nice touch.

And as for what I didn’t like about the film…that’s it. There was honestly nothing I didn’t like about it, I only wish there was more of it. I loved Kusakabe and Saijou, they were such likeable characters and the character progression, particularly for Saijou was brilliant, it was great to see him open up to the relationship, they kept it realistic and it was, quite frankly, adorable!

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