Children of the Whales

Honestly I can’t really piece my thoughts together enough for this to be a coherent post but I really wanted to write about Children of the Whales after finishing it this morning, so this will be a very short opinion post.


I went into the show with no thoughts and no expectations, I have learned since that it is based off a manga but I wasn’t aware of this until after I had watched it but regardless it’s a pretty new series (I think it was released this month) and mentions of it were few and far between on Twitter so my knowledge was limited. After starting the show, I think for the first two episodes, I could have easily believed this to be a slice of life show about the daily lives of a community on an island travelling through the sea of sand. However, my dreams of this were completely and utterly shattered at the end of episode two with a plot twist I could never have imagined and I was left just as confused at the characters about what had just happened. It’s actually a lot harder than I thought it would be to talk about this without spoiling the plot but I think it really is best for anyone who wants to watch it to do so under the same circumstances as I did because the surprise of it really did make the show for me and I don’t think I would have rated it as high as I did without that.

What I can say though without spoiling it is that Ouni and Ginshu are best boy and girl, there is no contest about it and that the world created in the anime is stunning, beautiful even. I loved that, despite the fact that the characters have essentially been trapped on the island since they were born, there is such a strong love for the place they have been forced to call home. You would imagine it to be designed to look more like a prison than a paradise but this is not the case. Everything about the world is so foreign and unlike our own that when the characters do get to explore other places, it’s both of us that are seeing something for the first time and as the secrets or the Mud Whale and their lives begin to unfold is it more than we could imagine it to be, making it easy for us to feel the same as them. There is a great sense of unity to this series and I love it.

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