First look at this seasons anime


I’ll start off with the show I thought was best (so far) and that is Kakegurui. Currently there are two episodes for the show which centres around a high school with an extreme attitude to gambling. It is tradition for the students of Hyakkaou Academy to gamble during lunch breaks and after school, placing large sums of money on their bets and becoming class ‘pets’ if they are unable to fulfil the amount.

I was hooked on the first episode which introduced us to Yumeko Jabami, the new student who is set to turn the school upside down. She is so passionate that she comes across as crazy but she is also sly, intelligent and calculating AND they didn’t chose to make here cute 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute girl as much as the next person but honestly, I am getting quite sick of shows that keep them permanently cute. The facial expressions that were animated for the gambling scenes are raw and undisguised and are a major plus point for the show in all honesty.

It is pretty obvious where the show is going to take itself, my only hope for the series is that they don’t make it too repetitive or go too over the top with the schemes of the student council but I’m almost certain I will watch this show until the end.

Koi to uso (love and lies)

Koi to uso or love and lies has introduced us to Yukari Nejima and Misake Takazaki, who live in a society where at age sixteen you are assigned a marriage partner by the government based on a compatibility calculation. There are punishments if you go against the official ruling. However, Yukari admits to Misake that he is in love with her on his sixteenth birthday but is then assigned to be married to someone else.

I loved the concept behind this show but I felt like the show fell short, actually it fell very short of my expectations. The pacing was terrible, everything seemed rushed and nothing was looked at in any sort of detail making the episode seem almost like a draft rather than a final piece. It might just be that they have a lot of content for this season and wanted to get the basic summary of it all into one episode but at the moment I can’t say I’m a fan of the show.

Also I feel that I should mention that the reason behind Yukari’s feelings is literally just because a girl said thank you to him for letting her have half of his eraser and… I honestly can’t believe he had a five year crush over two words.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 21.10.48

Netsuzuo Trap

If I had to pick two words to sum up this show it would be awkward and generic. I feel like a lot of yuri manga/anime follows this sort of pattern (not that I’ve looked at much of it). The story looks to be following childhood friends Yuma and Hotaru who are getting it on despite both having boyfriends, this is lead by Hotaru who said that after stealing Yuma’s first kiss before her boyfriend, that she was looking to take all her other ‘firsts’ too. Honestly, Yuma is possibly one of the weakest female characters I’ve seen in a long time.

Convenience Store Boy Friends

This is another show about nothing but surprisingly I liked it. There is not a great deal to say about it but it is nicely paced with each episode being a different month which seems like a nice way to pass the time instead of using fillers or sudden large jumps.

I know the title might be a bit misleading but so far there is no BL content, it’s just teenagers meeting up at their local convenience store after school, but it does look as if the show is going to set the characters into pairs. Whether they will all be romantic is something we will need to wait and see.

Day 10: Favourite fighter/action anime

I was looking at other posts about the best action animes before drafting this post and they all seem to include titles such as Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tale, Ginatma, etc. There’s a lot of big names against this genre of anime (not that I’ve actually watched any of the shows I just named) but I actually want to talk about a show that didn’t air until last year with its second season currently streaming on Crunchyroll. I want to talk about My Hero Academia.

I have briefly mentioned MHA before when reviewing episode 20 but for those of you who didnt read it, the story follows Izuku Midoria on his journey to become the greatest superhero despite the fact that he is part of 20% of the population that was not born with a superpower/quirk. I don’t really want to ramble about the general plot of the story so I’m going to quickly talk about the top 3 fights starting with…

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 14.45.19

Izuku Midoriya vs Katsuki Bakugo (Episode 7)

Midoriya and Bakugo are put against each other in a class mock battle of good vs evil (the end goal is for the good team to get the rocket or the bad team to capture the good team in a certain time frame). There’s a bit of history between the two which greatly influences how the fight goes. They used to be friends until Bakugo gained a very powerful quirk and realised that Midoriya had not, this led to him bullying Izuku for the next ten years or so. However, when he discovered that Izuku had developed a quirk, he felt betrayed by his former friend as he thought he had kept it from him this whole time, even though this was not the case.

This leaves Bakugo to act heavily on his emotions in this battle as, lets face it, he’s not one to talk about his feelings. Greatly contrasting to this, Midoriya relies on thought and due to knowing Bakugo for a while he had even thought out what moves Bakugo would chose and ways to combat them which seemed to place him at an advantage. However, we know Izuku is still unable to use his quirk as his body can’t handle the impact of it yet and renders his arm unusable when attempted. This only angers Bakugo more as he thinks he is being underestimated to someone he once though was very much inferior to him.

Realising that without being able to use ‘One For All’ properly that he won’t be able to beat Bakugo in a battle of strength, Izuku decides to turn to his tactics once again and plans to strike his fist at the ceiling so Ochako can use her quirk to get to the rocket. This works in the good team’s favour but Bakugo was left with the anger he started with, and a fail on the task.

Katsuki Bakugo vs Ochako Ururaka (Episode 22)

It was set to be explosive from the start seeing as Bakugo’s power is that of explosion. He was up against Ochako Ururaka, a sweet yet determined girl who looked like she didn’t stand much of a chance with her quirk of zero gravity.

Despite the disadvantage in direct combat ability, Ochako headed straight in with a swift attack which was violently batted back by Bakugo. This was repeated many times and it started to look like Bakugo was just toying with her but Ochako is not as helpless as she looks and when the frame panned up it was clear she had been scheming this whole time. I won’t say too much about the rest of this fight as it was only aired a couple of weeks ago and I want to keep this post relatively spoiler free in regards to the second season but I will say that her plan was well thought out but sometimes there’s just not a lot you can do when you’re facing sheer power.

Izuku Midoriya vs Shoto Todoroki (Episode 23)

Throughout the first season of MHA Izuku was portrayed as a very timid boy and this even continued into the current season a little but it looks like he is starting to find his feet. Up against Shoto Todoroki, son of one of the greatest heroes, it’s no surprise that he is strong, especially with his quirk of controlling fire and ice. Sadly he does have some daddy issues meaning that he rejected his fathers side of himself (the fire side) and vowed to never use it in battle.

That is, until this fight.

Both of them gave it their all but it was clear that after some time they were both at their limit. Midoriya has broken pretty much all his fingers and Todoroki’s body was freezing over as he refused to use his fire side to combat the damage his own power was creating. Midoriya at this point decided that it was more important to save Todoroki than win the fight (not that he was giving up the fight at all) and after a bit of a heart to heart, Shoto came to the realisation that although he inherited the quirk, it was his quirk, not his fathers and he was finally able to accept himself.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 16.11.34

Honestly, what followed after that was an animated masterpiece but I won’t say how this one ended seeing as it was only shown last week and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. But I would recommend this show to anyone, it’s a 10/10 for me!

Day 9: Best anime villain

Once again I’m going to take you back to the exciting world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as I talk about who I think is the best anime villain. Each part has some brilliantly created villains but the character I am going to rank above them all is Kira from part 4. I know this is probably questionable to some Jojo fans as in this one franchise alone there are a couple of other strong contenders for this title such as Dio who’s entire existence is to destroy the Joestar bloodline for no real reason apart from the fact that one of them kicked his arse a few decades ago because he got power hungry.

Although his character was brilliant and he fit the role of a villain perfectly, Kira appealed to me more due to the fact that he wasn’t even really aware that he was a villain, he just wanted to be himself happy and live a normal life despite everything he does going completely against that.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.44.49

Meet Yoshikage Kira, a serial killer with a hand fetish who has kept himself hidden in Morioh for years. He murders women regardless of appearance but there is one similarity with all of them; their beautiful hands which, once severed from the body, Kira keeps as ‘girlfriends’  until they start to decay and at this point they are then switched out with another. Apart from this Kira generally lives a quiet and peaceful life, set out with a perfect routine. This is until Shigechi (Jotaro’s friend, sort of) accidentally mistakes Kira’s lunch bag for his own and takes it. And unfortunately for Shigechi, this bag has a severed hand belonging to one of Kira’s victims. When this is found out, Kira sets out with murderous intent to dispose of Shigechi as his identity has been discovered for the first time.

So basically he was discovered because of a sandwich and it all went downhill from there.


That aside, Kira is presented as very intelligent and composed. He has great confidence in his stand. It could be said that he has too much confidence in it but to be fair it has served him well until now. His stand throughout the season is revealed to be composed of three parts

  • Killer Queen: can turn anything it touches into a bomb
  • Sheer heart attack: a bomb that detaches from Killer Queen, it tracks it’s target based on the temperature and upon touching the target, it explodes
  • Bites the dust: a miniature version of Killer Queen that explodes whenever Kira’s true identity is revealed or in desperate situations, the explosion also winds time back one hour but people who are killed in the previous time are destined to die in the new timeline (appeared in episode 35)

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.51.51

Kira has said that he does not want to get involved in fighting for the sake of winning or losing and only fights when he has to. That being said he does get quite desperate in fights when it looks like he is going to lose them.

Day 8: Favourite anime couple

Space Patrol Luluco is a short series of 13 episodes with each being 7 minutes each, I will note here that it was created by Studio Trigger who are also famous for Kill la Kill, which I have previously talked about. Space Patrol Luluco is similar to KLK in the way that it is flashy and strange but with a very different message and a very different look in terms of colour scheme. But I am not here to talk about the animation or anything like that because we are here to talk about one of the cutest things I think I will ever see in an anime; the relationship between Luluco and Nova.

 I’ll give a bit of backstory to the couple starting with Luluco. Luluco is an innocent middle school student who just wants to live a normal life, which obviously doesn’t happen because this is anime after all. She ends up accidentally freezing her dad and is assigned the roll of Space Officer in her fathers place to earn the money to help get him back to normal.

Nova is also a Space Officer and a transfer student at Luluco’s school. Later in the series it is revealed that he is actually an alien who is unable to feel human emotions and is set with the job to steal Luluco’s heart (not in a romantic way) and break it. However, when Luluco declares her love for him in episode 12 it awakens his feelings and a mutual love is born.

They are using the classic plot message of ‘love conquers all’ and it really works with these characters. You don’t get to see much of them as a couple as they become one so late in the series but what you do see is sweet and so pure.

All together the series is only an hour and a half long, if you love Trigger’s work you will love this one and if you’re not a fan you might as well try it, you won’t be wasting much time if you don’t like it.

Day 7: Your anime crush


This was probably the hardest one to decide on for the 30 day anime challenge. To be fair most of the shows I watch centre around characters of a high school sort of age and it felt wrong to pick any of them. Looking a bit further I remembered watching Psycho-pass and I wouldn’t say that I had a crush on any of the characters but Shinya Kogami was definitely one that caught my attention.

As a former inspector and a current enforcer for the Public Safety Bureau (for season one at least), Kogami is generally a cool headed and quick witted character, except for when it comes to Makishima (the villain of the first season).

This is because of a case that was later nicknamed ‘The Specimen Case’ and learning about this case reveals a lot about Kogami’s past. He was demoted from his position as an inspector, as while he was investigating a case, an enforcer that worked under him was killed by someone they were tracking down, it is revealed that this is Makishima. After this Kogami became invested in the case instead of having therapy which caused his crime coefficient to increase severely causing him to be demoted to enforcer.

PSYCHO-PASS - 01 - Large 07

So it looks like a smart, mysterious badass is my type…sure I’ll roll with that.

Day 6: An anime you want to see but haven’t yet

Honestly there is so much anime I want to watch but haven’t got round to yet. Every time I finish a series I catch sight of another that pulls my interest and is therefore added to my extremely long ‘plan to watch’ list on MAL. In this famous list there are shows such as Gurren Lagan, Acca 13, Cowboy Bepop, Fullmetal Alchemist, but the one that is at the top right now is Hyouka.


Hyouka is a 22 episode series created by Kyoto Animation and licensed by Funimation and has been pushed on me by literally everyone I follow on Twitter. I’m not kidding, over the last couple of months the popularity of it has soared with people I know through the site and I feel like I’m one of the last of them to be hearing about it even though it aired about 5 years ago.

Unfortunately I do not have a subscription to Funimation as when I was looking into streaming websites I chose Crunchyroll instead. I was hoping that when the two companies partnered that they would bring it over but sadly that didn’t happen. My only other option was I  was left with was to stream it off an unofficial site but I’m not a fan of doing that unless I really have to so this has left me in quite a pickle.

Luckily at MCM London, Anime Ltd/All The Anime announced that they would be bringing the series to a home video release. I believe they said that they were going to do it in 2 parts with the first being released at the end of this year, but don’t quote me on that I’m relying purely on my terrible memory here!

This means that hopefully I will be able to add Hyouka to my completed list at some point in the near future.

Day 5: An anime you’re ashamed you enjoy

If you want fan service you’ll get it in bucket loads in this 12 episode series. Keijo!!!!!!!! aired on Crunchyroll from early October to late December last year. It is a sports anime about a group of girls at Setouchi training school battling it out to become a pro keijo player. But what is Keijo I hear you ask. Good question!

It is basically a water sport where the aim is to knock you opponents off a piece of floating land and into the water (alternatively if you knock them down that can also count as a win), for this they can only use…wait for it…their boobs and their bums.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 14.59.10

And if that idea wasn’t crazy enough, some of the students even developed special abilities which they could use during their matches. A few examples of this include ‘vacuum butt cannon’, ‘raging dragon breast’ and ‘Cerberus’. Most of the abilities are pretty self explanatory but Cerberus is a move I want to talk about a bit more, purely because I really wasn’t expecting anything like it to happen.

In Greek mythology Cerberus is a multi headed dog that guarded the underworld and although I knew this before watching I did not think that I would be watching a high school student’s bum turn into a canine’s face which was able to track and chase down the opponents. The move was learnt by Kotone Fujisaki, it debuted in episode 5 and also appeared in episode 9. There are also other versions of this attack such as ‘Full-power Cerberus’ and ‘True Cerberus’ in which True Cerberus is the only variation to use the full three heads of the creature as opposed to the original move which only used one head.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 15.25.07.png

“Know not thy rump, never shalt thou triumph”

Lets talk a bit about some more ridiculous aspects of this show and bring it back to before the students were competing in matches, here we saw some pretty intense workout regimes, in the second episode when training begins we see the students complete various tasks to tone and train their weapons. The training included butt figure eights, 100m butt walks and butt-punching (this is hitting a dummy with your butt, not to be confused for players getting their asses hit). And yes, every single task is as amusing as you would think.

And would it really be a sports anime if there wasn’t some major face off? Que the east-west tournament. The east-west tournament is between Setouchi and Suruga Keijo training school. They hold the tournament yearly but Suruga has won every single time for the past ten (I think, don’t quote me on that) years. There are three matches, each one has four students from each school face against each other and the first school to win two matches is victorious. But I won’t spoil how it ends, don’t worry!

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 16.44.15

Although the idea of Keijo!!!!!!!! was a completely ridiculous and tailored concept I can’t really complain about the series, it was really fun to watch. I mean of course the animation was a tad shaky in places but to be fair there was a lot going on so I can’t expect it to be perfect and it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the show at all. I would definitely recommend watching this show if you want a good laugh or something easy to watch.