Summer anime 2017: first look

Kakegurui I'll start off with the show I thought was best (so far) and that is Kakegurui. Currently there are two episodes for the show which centres around a high school with an extreme attitude to gambling. It is tradition for the students of Hyakkaou Academy to gamble during lunch breaks and after school, placing... Continue Reading →

Day 10: Favourite fighter/action anime

I was looking at other posts about the best action animes before drafting this post and they all seem to include titles such as Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tale, Ginatma, etc. There's a lot of big names against this genre of anime (not that I've actually watched any of the shows I just named) but... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Best anime villain

Once again I'm going to take you back to the exciting world of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure as I talk about who I think is the best anime villain. Each part has some brilliantly created villains but the character I am going to rank above them all is Kira from part 4. I know this is... Continue Reading →

Day 8: Favourite anime couple

Space Patrol Luluco is a short series of 13 episodes with each being 7 minutes each, I will note here that it was created by Studio Trigger who are also famous for Kill la Kill, which I have previously talked about. Space Patrol Luluco is similar to KLK in the way that it is flashy... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Favourite female character

Saber is a character that appears in many parts of the Fate series including Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night. For anyone that is not familiar with the Fate series, it is based around an event known as the Holy Grail War (well Zero and Stay Night are, I haven't looked much deeper than that... Continue Reading →

Day 3: Favourite male character

There were so many characters I could have chosen as my favourite male character. You would think that with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure being my favourite anime that I would have chosen one from the long line up of male characters they have there. And believe me I was tempted but then I thought about Shoya Ishida... Continue Reading →

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